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Help! My Bath Fan Sounds Like a Lawnmower!

By Brad Logsdon
As we are staying indoors more than ever, our air quality is something many are thinking about more and more. We’re opening windows, turning on the ceiling fan and thinking about how we can get bad air out, which means were taking another look at our bath fans.
Yes, those often loud, dingy fans we probably avoid turning on and only do so if the mirror is fogged and we need to use it. We know it takes moisture out of the bathroom and that a lot of moisture can lead to more mold and mildew, but that thing is louder than the lawnmower!
What if it didn’t have to be loud? What if you could make an easy upgrade to your bath fan that didn’t require any wiring or drywall cutting? And, what if it worked better than your current fan at getting dirty, humid air out of your home?
The Broan-NuTone Quickit™ bath fan upgrade kit allows you to increase the airflow of your current bathroom fan by up to 20% while also decreasing the sound it makes by as much as 50%! An increase in airflow could greatly improve the overall air quality in your home and keep your bathroom mirror from fogging up.
Installation is a breeze and only requires a standard flathead screwdriver. In under 10 minutes you can upgrade to a more powerful and quiet fan.
This upgrade is backwards compatible with over 70 million bath fans installed over the last decade. Chances are, you have a Broan or NuTone fan already installed in your bathroom. For a specific listing of model compatibility, checkout the product page linked here - - or see the product carton itself at your preferred retail location. You can find the upgrade at most major home improvement stores.
If you’re worried that a new bath fan upgrade won’t blend in with your current decor, don’t. The updated grille cover features a brighter white color designed to match the most common ceiling paint. Furthermore, the grille cover features a smooth surface that allows for quick and easy cleaning. Cleaning? It’s likely you may have overlooked your current fan’s cleanliness. Who cleans the ceiling anyway? No better time than the present to put a fresh face on your old fan. If all you’re looking for is a new grille, check out some of these options.
This solution is also ideal for those of you who are looking to make big improvements to your homes without making sizeable investments especially in cases where you may be looking to sell your home. You can easily increase the beauty of your home with this bath fan upgrade.
So, if your bath fan is loud, dirty, or just looking tired, give it a quick and easy upgrade. And don’t forget to clean the cobwebs while you’re up there.
Brad is a Group Product Manager overseeing Specialty Ventilation at Broan-NuTone. He has been in product development & product management for over 15 years across a few unique industries. He loves listening to and playing music in his spare time.
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