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Grilles & Upgrade Kits

More than a bathroom fan

Technology has taken bathroom fans and indoor air quality to a whole new level. Imagine a LED light with a Bluetooth® speaker or antibacterial light technology
that prevents bacteria, mold and fungi from growing. This technology is a reality. Broan-NuTone® makes innovative grilles/covers that allow you to easily replace your bath
fan grille/cover with ones that have modern designs and impressive features — all while helping you and your family breathe fresher air inside your home.

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Upgrade Your Bathroom in Under 5 Minutes

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Keep every corner looking and smelling fresh with a new Broan fan grille, now available on our shop website. With various styles, a color that matches the most common ceiling white, lighting options, and a 5 minute or less install time, it's one of the fastest, easiest and most affordable bathroom upgrades you'll make.

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