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Broan-NuTone® Introduces Category-Defining Innovations in 2021 and 2022

Industry-Leading Residential Ventilation Products Company Continues to Set the Standard in Whole-
Home Indoor Air Quality with Range of New Products and Updates, Meeting Company Goals for Next-
Generation Automation, Energy Conservation and Customer Demand for Designer Finishes and Features

HARTFORD, Wis. (January 31, 2022) – For 90 years, Broan-NuTone® has led the industry with forwardthinking residential ventilation products, customized climate and indoor air quality solutions that are all
backed by award-winning customer service. In late 2021 and into 2022, the company has continued its mission to offer the best in whole-home indoor air quality (IAQ) with strategic and innovative introductions in automation, energy conservation and design.
With a growing attention to better IAQ and the products that help deliver this to the homeowner, Broan-NuTone leads the industry charge with whole-home automated ventilation systems to provide customers with peace of mind while actively saving time, energy and money. The commitment to energy savings doesn’t stop there: Energy consumption has been considered in every product produced as the company is working toward having the largest offering of ENERGY STAR® rated products and are building products aligned with Net-Zero and Passive House standards.

Additionally, Broan-NuTone continues to deliver new finishes and features in areas such as replacement and upgrade fan covers, kitchen ventilation and exhaust vent products to provide customers with more design-driven options to fit any aesthetic.

“At Broan-NuTone, we’ve built our business on the commitment to continually innovate products that help the environment and our customers live more sustainable and comfortable lives, now and in the future,” said Edwin Bender, Broan-NuTone Vice President of Marketing. “We hope that by offering homeowners, builders and HVAC professionals a wide array of cutting-edge products designed to drive improvement in key areas of automation, sustainability and aesthetic, we can make a larger impact in the industry as a whole.”

At the 2022 AHR Expo, the company launched several new products, finishes and features across product lines that further its mission of providing customers with a better quality of life: Introducing two new fully automated ventilation and fresh air systems, making product updates to support the mission of improved whole-home IAQ, offering customers a wider array of designer finishes and new features and doubling down on its commitment to energy conservation across the portfolio.

Whole Home Ventilation + Automation
With the introduction of Overture™, the first and only fully automated, cloud-connected, whole-home indoor air quality system that monitors and optimizes air in the home, and the AI Series Fresh Air Systems, Broan-NuTone has eliminated the need for action by the homeowner when it comes to regulating the air quality of a home.

Overture provides a fully customizable, automated IAQ system that delivers up to the minute reporting on the home's indoor air quality and how the system is acting to maintain constant, fresh airflow. It connects a home’s supply and exhaust ventilation to monitor the quality of air and turn on automatically when air quality levels are low, allowing homeowners to breathe easy when it comes to managing the health of their home. This system is one of the latest innovations from the leader in whole-home ventilation products as the company continues to innovate the industry in response to customer demands, environmental impacts and technological advancements.

The Broan AI Series Fresh Air System offers another fully automated option for fresh air delivery. Driven by VIRTUO™ Air Technology, it was specifically designed and improved to offer homeowners superior air quality without any action and very little maintenance. This advanced artificial intelligence technology allows a ventilation system to do an airflow verification and auto-balance in all dwelling configurations and to self-adjust to changing indoor and outdoor conditions. VIRTUO continuously self-adjusts takes account of variations to stay balanced 24/7, which maximizes the heat recovery of a home’s HRV/ERC and optimizes air quality, saving a homeowner energy and money.

Whole Home IAQ
With an increased awareness and heightened concern of airborne threats in the home, customers have sought to better understand the multiple sources of poor indoor air and implement advancements in ventilation systems such as range hoods, bath fans and whole home fresh air systems. Whether it’s harmful VOC’s , illness causing microbes, or odor-causing bacteria, now more than ever, indoor air quality is a high priority for homeowners and builders alike. Products like the new Broan® 98 Pint Dehumidifier and several updates to the brand’s specialty ventilation (fans and heating) line of products, Broan-NuTone is offering updated specialty lines to deliver clean, fresh air where it’s needed most – bathrooms, laundry room, recreation room, workshop, nursery or large group room.

The Broan® 98 Pint Dehumidifier works with the home’s HVAC system to bring in outdoor air, which improves air quality by diluting indoor contaminates, and dehumidify the entire house to maintain a set relative humidity (RH) level. The energy efficient system provides 98 pints of water removal a day while minimizing noise during operation and energy consumption. It can also reduce allergens & asthma triggers, obstruct mold & mildew growth, provide home structure protection and prevent ideal conditions for pests.

Specialty ventilation products including heaters, exhaust fans and lights, help to eliminate humidity, spot-heat specific rooms and eliminate odors as needed. This year, Broan-NuTone has introduced updates to its Broan® PowerHeat™ Heater Exhaust Fan, available with either 80 CFM/1.5 Sones or 110 CFM/2.0 Sones and with CCT LED Lighting. The stylish Brighter White designer finish complements any bathroom décor while the CFM provides powerful airflow at a very minimal sound level.

Energy Conservation
Broan-NuTone products can be found in more than 110 million homes across the United States and many help meet the requirements of all three major green building programs: ENERGY STAR®; U.S. Green Building Council’s (USGBC) Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) for Homes; and the National Association of Home Builder’s (NAHB) Model Green Home Building Guidelines.

Updated Wide Range of Features + Finishes
Home renovation and new construction has been on the rise for years, and more and more homeowners are seeking ways to make their spaces more functional and comfortable. To meet this demand, Broan-NuTone is offering more options to custom builders with new features, designer finishes and easier installation.

For instance, The ChromaComfort™ Exhaust Fan Series features LED lights that offer 24 color variations
and a seemingly unlimited number of lighting themes. The line also now offers ChromaComfort Fans with Sensonic ™ Stereo Bluetooth® Speakers and the ability to connect and control directly through Apple or Android App to control light settings and brightness, set times, control the fan and create scenes with colors and music.

In the kitchen, the company continues to offer homeowners endless design possibilities. Its line of Broan® Custom Range Hood Power Packs can be inserted directly into existing cabinets or be built into
a beautiful hood made from any material. With a range of new features like automatic sensing technology, voice control and infrared sensing, the quieter, more energy efficient system provides more options than ever for customers.

The NuTone® Heater Exhaust Bath Fan covers have also been updated with Dimmable LED and Color Adjusting CCT Lighting. This new grille cover is the first and only heater exhaust fan light upgrade available on the market. The bright white finish matches most ceiling colors and it installs in ten minutes or less.

Broan’s SurfaceShield™ Exhaust Fan with LED and Vyv™ Antimicrobial Violet LED Light not only stops
the spread of mold and mildew but now features the sleek, stack-style CleanCover™ grille/cover designed with fewer, dust-collecting vent slots and coordinates with the most popular white ceiling colors. It’s also incredibly easy to install and the addition of the EzDuct™ connector, foldable mounting ears, a new damper and housing technology improves airtightness like never before.

“We’re thrilled to introduce so many new products, fixtures and finishes at this year’s AHR Expo as we continue to seek ways to provide valuable solutions for our trusted community of homeowners, builders and HVAC professionals,” said Bender. “We look forward to continuing to set standards, then exceed expectations.”

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About Broan-NuTone®
Broan-NuTone® LLC is North America's leading manufacturer and distributor of residential ventilation products including range hoods, ventilation fans, heater/fan/light combination units, balanced ventilation systems (IAQ), built-in heaters, attic ventilators and residential built-in convenience products including doorbells and central vacuum systems. Broan-NuTone® LLC is proud to be an ENERGY STAR® partner.

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