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Haven Repellent System FAQs

Does every Fixture come with a repellent cartridge?
What is the coverage area of one repellent fixture?
What is the active ingredient?
What should I do if I come into contact with the repellent liquid?
I don't want the system running when I am not home. Is there a clock that can be used to set specific dates / times (weekends)?
If NuTone Haven is being added to existing landscape lighting, how does one know if the existing power supply can handle the increased load of the NuTone Haven fixtures?
Does the Haven light fixture have light bulbs that need to be changed? How bright are they?
How long does the repellent system need to be on before it is effective?
How do I know the Haven repellent system is working?
How will I know if the repellent cartridge needs to be changed? How do I reset the countdown timer?
The green LED is blinking but the repellent cartridge is not yet empty. Do I need to change it?
How long will the repellent last?
How long will the battery in the Dual Timer/Controller maintain the clock and programmed settings if the power supply is disconnected or interrupted?
How many NuTone Haven fixtures can I connect to the NuTone Haven Dual Timer/Controller?
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