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Follow our QuickStart guide to get your Overture system up and running.

Install Overture Room Sensors, Smart Wall Controls, and Smart Plugs. See installation instructions in the box.

Step One

Install Overture Room Sensors, Smart Wall Controls, and Smart Plugs. See installation instructions in the box.

Download the Overture Connected IAQ app from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Step Two

Download the Overture Connected IAQ app from the Google Play or Apple App stores.

Create your Overture account.

Step Three

Create your Overture account.

Set up your home.

Step Four

Set up your home.

Add rooms in which you have Overture Room Sensors, Smart Plugs, and Smart Wall Controls.

Step Five

Add rooms in which you have Overture Room Sensors, Smart Plugs, and Smart Wall Controls.

Select the device used in each room

Step Six

Select the device used in each room

Wall controls will be in rooms with a ventilation fan (bath fans and range hoods). Room Sensors will be in rooms without ventilation products (e.g., office, living room, bedroom).

Connect each device via Bluetooth.

Step Seven

Connect each device via Bluetooth.

Wall Controls will be connected to bath fans and range hoods. 
Room Sensors will be assigned to the closest ventilation product. The most comment scenario is to connect a owner’s suite bathroom fan to the Room Sensor in the owner’s bedroom. 

Overture Resource Library

Overture Sell Sheet

Literature for the Overture hardware and mobile app. 

Download Sell Sheet
Overture Sell Sheet

Broan Product Compatibility List

View the list of Broan, NuTone and BEST products that are compatibile with the Overture System. 

Download Compatibility List
Broan Product Compatibility List

Overture Instruction Sheet

Installation instructions for the wall control, room sensor and smart plug. 

Download Sheets
Overture Instruction Sheet

Overture Quick Start Guide

Download a PDF of the Overture Connected Indoor Air Quality System Quick-Start Guide to expedite your system set-up.

Download Guide
Overture Quick Start Guide

Overture User Manual

User manuals for the wall control, room sensor and the smart plug. 

Download Manual
Overture User Manual

Overture Wiring Diagrams

Wiring diagrams for the wall control, room sensor and the smart plug.

Download Diagrams
Overture Wiring Diagrams

Frequently Asked Questions

General Questions

What type of sensors are being used?

Overture™ uses an array of advanced sensors to measure your indoor air quality. These sensors measure particulate matter that is 2.5 microns across (PM2.5), total volatile organic compounds (tVOCs), carbon dioxide (Co2), humidity, and temperature.

Is the product UL certified?

Yes, each Overture™ control, sensor, and plug is UL certified.

Is the product FCC or IC certified?

Yes, each Overture™ control, sensor, and plug is FCC and IC certified.

Do these sensors need to be reset or calibrated?

No. The sensors in both the Overture Wall Control as well as the Overture Room Sensor come pre-calibrated out of the box. These sensors do not need to be reset, zeroed, or recalibrated for them to function properly.

How big does my outlet box need to be to fit the Overture Wall Control?

We recommend an outlet box of at least 18 cubic inches to accommodate both the Overture Wall Control as well as the wiring required for it to operate.

Maintenance Questions

Do I need to maintain my Overture™ products?

Proper care of any product is important to the longevity of the product.  Yes, we do recommend that you properly maintain your Overture™ products every three months at a minimum.

What do you mean by "maintain" my Overture™ products?

To properly maintain your Overture™ products you must: 1) make sure nothing is blocking the airflow to your Wall Controls or Room Sensors, 2) clean each Overture™ product with a clean damp cloth, making sure that no water leaks into the inside housings to avoid damage.

CAUTION: Unplug the Room Sensor and Smart Plug before cleaning with a damp cloth and allow to fully dry before reinstalling to avoid electrical shock.

Do I need to clean the sensors?

No. The sensors in each of these can be damaged if excessive pressure is used on the device. Proper home cleaning such as floor and carpet vacuuming is encouraged to limit the amount of dust buildup around your devices. Do not use a vacuum on your product as this can create static electricity which can damage your device.

Do I need to oil my Overture™ products?

No. There is no oil needed for your Overture™ products. These products consist of plastic housing components and electronic sensors and PCB boards.

Can I use alcohol to clean my product?

No, the sensors in the device can detect alcohol which is considered a pollutant and will, therefore, keep your ventilation on for much longer than needed.

Customer Service Questions

Who can I contact if I have a problem with my Overture™ app or hardware?

If you believe you are having a problem with your Overture™ app or hardware please contact our Technical Support team at 1-800-637-1453. They will be able to help you with product performance knowledge, downloading the app onto your smart phone or other device, on boarding products into the app or any other basic questions on what Overture™ will do for your home.

What If I forgot the password to my Overture™ account?

If you have forgotten your Overture™ account's password, go to the Sign In page of the app and select the "Forgot Password?" text. There you will be prompted to put in your email address, and you will be sent a link to reset your password.

Device Location Questions

Where should I put my Overture™ Smart Air Quality Monitor Room Sensor?

Your Overture Room Sensor should be placed in an area free of furniture and debris. In order for Overture to get an accurate reading, clear any items within a 3' radius around the overture sensor

Where should I put my Overture™ Smart Air Quality Monitor Wall Control?

Your Overture™ Smart Air Quality Monitor Wall Control can take place of your existing manual switch for your bathroom or kitchen hood. Some wiring configurations may need to pull wires from two switches if the light and fan are independently controlled

Where should I put my Overture™ Smart Plug?

Your Overture smart plug is used alongside a fresh air system such as an ERV,HRV or even a supply fan. Plug the device into an outle

Required Ventilation Products Questions

Why do I need ventilation in my home?

Consider this, according to the EPA (, indoor air quality is five times worse than outdoor air quality. Most homeowners know that indoor air quality is important, but not all recognize what contributes to poor indoor air quality, the potential effects and harm, and how to address these problems. Broan-NuTone is here to help. For almost 90 years, Broan-NuTone has led the industry with residential ventilation solutions that improve indoor air quality and provide healthier home environments.

Contributors to Poor Indoor Air Quality:
1. Moisture - Moisture that is not properly ventilated can cause mildew and mold formation, which can potentially lead to structural problems and health concerns. Exhaust ventilation solutions from Broan-NuTone remove humidity at the source to help maintain the optimal humidity balance of 40 to 60 percent.
2. Cooking effluents - Cooking effluents from food preparation can infiltrate the whole house in minutes. Grease, oils, and aromas settle permanently into carpets, furniture, clothing, and other surfaces. Kitchen ventilation solutions help eliminate cooking effluents for a cleaner, more comfortable, and healthier environment.
3. Off-gassing - Off-gassing from construction materials, carpeting, adhesives, and synthetic materials—as well as solvents from common household cleaners—can accumulate in tightly built homes. Look to Broan-NuTone for continuous ventilation solutions that meet ASHRAE 62.2.
4. Particulates – Particulates such as dust, allergens, pet dander, and more can contribute to poor indoor air quality. With a properly ventilated home, you create a more enjoyable, comfortable, and healthier environment.
What do you mean by "ventilation products"?

What do you mean by "ventilation products"?

Ventilation products are those that can "exhaust” or take air from one location and put it into another location. For example, when you turn your bathroom fan on, it is ducted to the outside to properly take the humidity (moisture) from your bathroom and put it outside. This helps to prevent undue buildup of moisture, which can create mold and mildew. Examples of common household ventilation products are bath fans, kitchen range hoods, fresh air systems, attic ventilation fans, and garage fans.

What brand of ventilation products do I need to have to work properly with the Overture™ Connected Indoor Air Quality System?

It is recommended you are using Broan-NuTone® products that have been tested with the Overture™ Connected Indoor Air Quality System. All bathroom fans and range hoods are not controlled in the same manner and differ from brand to brand. When it comes to range hoods, only ADA compliant range hoods will work with Overture™ due to the wiring and manual control requirements. Electronically controlled range hoods cannot be used.

I have a Broan-NuTone® light and fan combined device in my bathroom - can I still use it?

Yes. The Overture™ Smart Wall Control will allow you to turn on the bathroom fan light and fan independently or simultaneously, depending upon the wiring configuration you have. Please be sure to read the instruction manual, refer to the Overture™ app or go to for correct wiring diagrams and information.

What is ASHRAE 62.2?

ASHRAE 62.2 is a standard that builders follow to ensure proper ventilation when constructing a new property. ASHRAE 62.2 has been adopted by many states and localities as part of their residential building codes as a means of providing proper guidelines to builders. Overture™ allows ventilation products to run per these standards.

How do I know what rooms need ventilation in my home? Is it only bathrooms and kitchens that need ventilation?

Historically, ventilation products have been put mainly in bathrooms and kitchens. This was due to temperature, humidity and TVOC's most prominently existing in these rooms. Current building practices have expanded these ventilation products into home offices, utility rooms, exercise rooms, nurseries, and other rooms where pollutants can be found in higher concentrations. 

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