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Repellent Refills

DISCONTINUED: Mosquito Repellent Cartridge Single Pack – for use with Haven Pro Metal fixtures

Product Discontinued




  • For use with Haven Pro Metal fixtures
  • Includes adaptor cap for easy insertion into Haven fixture
  • 24 ml of repellent provides 216 hours of protection
  • Available in single pack and four pack
  • Haven effectively repels all types of mosquitoes, including the Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitos, known carriers of the Zika virus
  • EPA Registration Number 1021-2618-90291
  • Assumes season as 90 days/average use 2.4 hours per day
  • Actual hours of repellency may vary based on climate
Buy Replacement Cartridges On-Line

Buy Replacement Cartridges On-Line

You can purchase replacement Haven Repellent Cartridges as a Single Pack or in Four-Packs.

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