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Find the Right Fit

Because our fans come in different sizes, we want to make sure you get the correct grille/cover on the first try. To do that, simply select the image that looks like your current bath fan and we’ll let you know which grille/cover fits. It’s really that easy.

Which grille/cover do you have in your bathroom?


Other Ways to Find the Perfect Fit

How to Find Your Model Number
Match by Model Number

How to Find Your Model Number

To find the model number, remove the grille by pulling down two inches. Reach behind the grille and squeeze the mounting springs to remove. Find the model label located in the corner, closest to the outlet. Some fans have the model number stamped into the motor plate instead of a sticker.

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How to Measure Your Fan and Grille/Cover
Match by Fan Size

How to Measure Your Fan and Grille/Cover

To find the size of your fan and grille cover, measure the length and width of the metal housing. Or, you can find the model number stamped inside the metal housing.

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