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Attachment Sets

NuTone® Central Vacuum Car Care Attachment Set

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NuTone® CS100 Central Vacuum Car Care Attachment Set is designed to quickly clean your garage, including your car or the workbench. CS100 provides a convenient assortment of popular attachments and a handy storage bag packaged to meet your most common cleaning needs in the garage or as a second set to help around the house. Now you can get the vacuuming done faster and spend more time doing what you enjoy.




  • 50-Foot extra-long crush-proof hose gives you the reach you need to cover a lot of territory and get the car done quickly; crush-proof, so that means if it is accidentally stepped on or caught in a door, the hose springs back to retain its original state
  • Hard plastic dusting brush (CT105) with soft natural hair bristles provides gentle cleaning for delicate surfaces
  • Convenient storage bag lets you to keep all your tools in one place; nothing gets lost and you can pick the best tool for the job
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