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Attached to this introduction is your copy of the Broan Supplier Manual. The purpose of this Manual is to clearly communicate the minimum requirements to become and remain a Supplier to the Broan companies.

Broan is committed to developing a world class supply chain through Supplier selection, measurement and continuous improvement. Your role as a Supplier is important to our overall objective to provide quality, service and value to our customers.

Please review the attached Manual to ensure your understanding and agreement of the information being presented. The Supplier Manual is the foundation for a strong relationship between your company and the Broan companies.

Questions regarding the content of the Broan Supplier Manual are to be conveyed directly to your Broan contact. As partners we share in the responsibility for the creation and maintenance of products and processes that delight our customers. Your commitment to stay current with these requirements is a critical factor to our mutual success.

Broan sells products in the State of California and is committed to meet the requirements under Proposition 65.  Attached is document BPGLOBAL22 – California Proposition 65. Questions regarding the content of BPGLOBAL22 are to be conveyed directly to your Broan contact.

Restriction of Hazardous Substances – RoHS Requirements. Download a copy here.

Download RoHS Supplier Certification Form.



Greg Martin, Director, Strategic Sourcing