This information is provided in compliance with 35 U.S.C. 287(a). The Broan-NuTone products appearing in the below table are covered by one or more of the U.S. Patent(s) listed in corresponding line in the table. This listing is provided without prejudice, is subject to revision and other patents may also be relevant to a listed product or to a design based, in whole or in part, on a listed product.

Patent No. Product
US6830065B2 15J073, 2HYB7, 2HZB3, 4LA38, 4LA39, 4LA40, 4LA41, 5AFH0,
52-2723-4, 52-2724-2, 52-2725-0, 52-2728-4
US7203416B2 4LA42, 5AFH2
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